Hand in the Face


It didn’t take me long to start figuring out little ways to annoy my new brother.

After my recollection about deciding on his name with Mom , my next solid recollection is the day Mom and Dad brought him home after getting him from wherever it is that they got  him.

I was sick with a nasty cold, so they didn’t want me getting close to the new baby.. Understandably so. But , I was allowed to get a peek through the clear glass panned door that led from my sick couch, in front of Tv, to Mom and Dads room. Dad, pulled back the curtain that covered the glass panes and held the new baby in his arms.

There was Dad ,beaming with that classic “Dad smile” that some reading this know so well. In his arms, holding him carefully and tightly , He showed me my new baby brother
I couldn’t see much, just the top of his nose to his forehead. Everything else was wrapped in blankets and shawls and a tiny head covering . Nevertheless , there he was . Robert.

I hate that he will read this , but , I gotta’ tell ya’, He was adorable.
I don’t have a clear recollection of every event that took place between that homecoming and when Mom first allowed me to hold him, but I remember holding him. He was sitting up on his own, so he was certainly no longer a newborn anyway.

This is when I accidentally found out how to start annoying him. As I mentioned, he was adorable. He had the cutest nose , eyes, and forehead: so cute that you just wanted to touch his cute little face. And, This is exactly what I did . I was six years old, I had no bad intention at all…I just had to touch that  face.

His reaction got me hooked.
First , he shook his head from side to side , as one walking through a spider web.

Then,he would bring his hands up as if to scratch a tickle or itch on his face…and then…. He yelled. A loud annoyed yell. So, of course, I did it again: and his reaction was the same, maybe just a bit louder.

I was mesmerized. I got to touch that cute little face and then got to watch this adorable response. Mom came running in the living room from the kitchen that first time.She wanted to know what had happened to the baby. I told her that all I did was put my
hand  on his little face.

“That’s all? ” She asked.
“That’s all mommy”
“Ok” , she sighed…”I guess he’s just a little cranky today…”

Yep…. That is the ticket… Just a little cranky.
And thus began a crime spree of “putting hand in the face” that would go on for at least another year.

It was a good run.

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