Thursday Night


Thursday night was my favorite night of the week at 290 West 12th street.
Thursday night was the night Uncle Tony and Aunt Agnus would come over for coffee and bagels . The adults would gather in the dining area for their time of conversation, laughs and some of the best bagels this side of heaven. I would be in the living room, down that long hall I previously told you about watching television. I loved hearing their voices and laughs drifting down that hall… It made me feel safe.

In addition, Thursday night I got to stay up a little later because Uncle Tony was visiting. Staying up later was a real treat in our household. I got to stay up until after 9, and that was awesome in that after my shows were over, I may actually get to watch some Thursday night wrestling. Perhaps another chance to see Bruno SanMartino vanquish all the evil bad guys in the ring.

Some of my favorite shows where on Thursday night : Zorro, Ozzie and Harriet, The Donna Reed show: ( I had a crush on Shelly Fabrais) But, that was not all. Uncle Tony loved candy, and he brought us bags of it. All kinds of chocolates, jelly beans, caramels, you name it , he brought it. I so looked forward to him and Aunt Agnes coming over with their treats and goodies. Candy and bagels were a luxury for Rob and I. That’s not a “poor us” statement, merely a statement of fact. Dad worked two and three jobs at times to provide, and when money is that tight , candy and bagels are not considered necessities, they are luxuries. Dad, like many other Fathers of that generation, took providing for their families seriously, and they did what it took to get it done, no matter the personal cost.

On Thursday nights, almost every week, Rob and I experienced the luxury of candy and bagels , courtesy of Uncle Tony and Aunt Agnus. I sat in front of the television , my soft , delicious bagel properly cut and spread with cream cheese, my bag of candy close at hand. I never wanted the evening to end.

Alas, as is life, things end . When the “grown up’s” finished their visit and Donna Reed had successfully guided her family through another crises, it was time to say goodnight. Uncle Tony and Aunt Agnus would come down the hall to give me a good night kiss. Mom, standing in the background could always be counted on to state;
“What do you say? ” looking at me with a soft smile on her face.
“Thank you for the candy and bagels ” I would reply,while hugging them both .
They would beam at that thank you..
” You enjoy it! And don’t eat too much..”

Then we would all walk them to the front door and wave another goodbye as they descended the stairway and made their way out on to West 12th street. As I made my way to the bathroom for my bath before bed, I felt happy and full and lucky and loved.
Another wonderful Thursday night at 290 west 12th street.

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