The Games: Table Top Basketball

I don’t remember where the game came from, if it was a Christmas gift, a birthday gift, whatever…but however it got into our possession, there is was.

It’s interesting looking back, as kids in our family the only real Basketball fan was Mom, so I would think she had something to do with the appearance of this little gem in our apartment. Rob and I were much more into baseball and football as kids, but somehow, this table top game became a “family time” event for us.

As you can see from the photo, the game consisted of a “basketball court” with eight shooting positions on each side of the court. The shooting positions were simply spring loaded controllers that allowed one to shoot at the basket. Some of the positions were easy shots, while others: not so much and for reasons unknown or simply forgotten, Rod and I became addicted to it. We played for hours on end and kept track of our won-loss record for bragging rights.

It dawned on us one day to have a league where there would be more than just the two of us playing. We could have team names, create a piece of paper that kept the “standings” of the teams and even have a championship trophy at the end of the “season”. It was a great idea, except, who would be the other teams? There was Rob and I , that was it. As mentioned in other blogs, neither one of us had any friends outside of the home; Rob because he was still real young and just starting getting in to school. Me, because, as previously mentioned. I was viewed as a “dork” and no one really wanted to hang around me. So, what to do to create our league? After all, we needed at least one more team to
have even a second-class league. As always, enter Mom.

She heard us discussing our grand plan as well as our dilemma in having at least one more team. I remember her asking us, as if this were the most exciting thing in the world for her “Can I be in your league?? I want to play too”.

Rob and I looked at each other with excitement. Mom would be fantastic! After all, she basically taught us all we really knew about sports and she loved basketball! This was perfect! Maybe there were some kids, especially boys, out there who would have thought it “lame” to have their Mom in their “league”, but not us…..this was going to be awesome.

We excitedly began the process of picking team names. I picked the Warriors (nothing to do with the present professional team…. I just like that name. Robert picked the Rebels, because in our early childhood infatuation with the Civil War, Rob was enamored with the guys in grey. Funny, I don’t remember the name of Moms team…perhaps Rob does and can fil in the blanks, but she picked a name and we off to the races, or basketball court as it were.

I do find in interesting that I remember the names of Rob’s and my teams after all these many years. I believe it validates what a meaningful time this was for us.

So the league began and scores were kept and standings posted every day. Mom, bless her heart ,pretended to be very upset if she was not winning, and looking back, I know that she let her boys win the majority of games against her; but she never made it easy, games always coming down to the last shot which, somehow, she missed and we made.

When there was a game going on, there person not playing would always be a spectator; cheering on the teams. Despite all she had to do in keeping a family running, Mom never missed watching a game that Rob and I played. Shockingly, she always cheering for both of us while making each one of us absolutely certain she was cheering for us individually.

I don’t remember how many seasons our “League” lasted or how long the legendary Warrior- Rebels rivalry continued, but, I know this, I treasured the time.

Thanks Mom… rocked.



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