Now it’s your turn!

So, I thought I would talk about something a little different this time. Nothing to do with our childhood, New York , etc.

If you have been reading any of our entries you are probably very aware that music was, and is, an important part of our lives. A particular song can transport one to another place….. another time. It can evoke all kinds of memories, both good and bad. It can change our mood upon hearing the opening notes of the song. Of course , then there is the voice of the person delivering that one so special song. That voice that you associate with all the feelings that the song brings on. It is this I want to get your opinion on: the most memorable, unique voices in music during your lifetime.

Notice I didn’t say your favorite singer, I am asking for your opinion of the greatest , unique and memorable voices in music. The only genre I will exclude is opera, not for any reason other than the voices of the likes of Pavorati , etc are in a class and style of their own. So let’s leave that out. All others are in play: Country , Rock, POP, Folk etc.
Let’s try to keep it to your “top ten”. I realize this is very difficult and as soon as you post your top 10 you will be kicking yourself for leaving someone out. That’s fine, this is just to get diverse thoughts and opinions. Doing a top ten is almost impossible , but what the hell… give it a try.

Remember , these are not your favorite 10 ( though they may match), but the most unique, memorable voices in music:

Ok , here’s mine. I can’t say they are in any particular order:

Elvis Presley ( this is what I mean about not necessarily a favorite. I like Elvis but not one of my all time favorites… but, that voice!)
Johnny Cash
Willie Nelson
Frank Sinatra
Sam Cooke
Ella Fitzgerald
Freddy Mercury
Roy Orbison
Merle Haggard
Billy Holliday

I’m already regretting some that I left out…
But, it’s only 10.
Ok.. go…

Don Ortolano

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