Street Slang

It’s pretty interesting how “the street” has developed its own language. There is no doubt that this lingo changes with time as well as by geographic region. It is also interesting how much of it has become / became universal in nature.
We developed a language, so to speak, that transcended traditional ,proper words … that became, in effect, a language all its own. The words could degrade, uplift , compliment and condemn. By today’s standard, many would be considered very politically incorrect. Yet, on the street, they were accepted, understood and taken pretty much for granted as acceptable means of communication.

I thought I would share some of those with you; the words and expressions that were a part of our daily dialogue. I don’t consider them right or wrong; they simply “were “. It would be amusing to see how many you recognize and perhaps used some of the as well. Also of interest would be to see how many have stood the test of time.
So, allow me a moment to share some of our street language from my Cobblestone memories.

If we wanted to say something was great, we would say it was “Boss”:
“That movie was really BOSS! ”
“He drives a really Boss car!”

If we were addressing another guy, we would call him “Daddy-O” ( if we liked them anyway);
“Hey, how you doing Daddy-O?

If things were going especially well for me , I was in “Fat City”
“Man, I’m in Fat City this week!!! ( I rarely used this expression.. lol)

If I were using the telephone ( no, not an IPhone) I would be “on the horn”
Hey Don!!your Mom is “on the horn!” ( I heard that a lot)

If I were going to sneak a cigarette, I would have a “weed”
“Hey Don, got a weed?”
( I know, we have evolved nicely here)

If were going to the Drive In… we were going to the Passion Pit. ( no explanation needed , I trust?)
Unless ,if like us, you were going with your parents…. then….. not so much.

I know the next one has changed in meaning over the years, but if I used the term “Jacked-up”… I was referring to a car with a raised rear end.

Here’s an expression with two slang words;
“That Rod is Cherry!”
It meant “that car is totally clean and decked out!”

Now, if someone was “Hep”…. they were really cool…. absolutely have their act together…”Don is a hep cat…” ) something else I don’t believe I ever heard….)

If I saw a girl and said she was “stacked “… I meant she had particularly large….well, you know.
I believe this expression has stood the test of time… though not terribly politically correct.

If I asked you: “what’s your tale, nightingale “…. I wanted you to “come clean.”.. what’s the story here….”

Now, if I had to get away fast.. as in when we broke a Window playing stick ball… I was going to “bug out”. (Seems my “friends” were always bugging out and leaving me to take the  blame…. ~sigh~ I was a bit slow on the uptake.)

That is by no means an exhaustive list, but a fun one anyway.
Do you have some you would like to add?

Right now, I have to “cop a breeze”…..
(Yea, my parting shot.)


One thought on “Street Slang

  1. Funny I had heard some of them but then not some of them. I guess I was never hanging with any cool crowd because I never used any of those. 😜


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