Growing up in….

Well, just growing up.

This is not really about growing up in New York, but perhaps just growing up in general.
This week a friend of mine suffered a heart attack. It was a bad one, the type known as the “Widow Maker”. Thankfully, though not out of the proverbial woods, he is making a somewhat miraculous recovery.

He’s not old. Perhaps overweight, but Cholesterol and blood pressure all were fine. It came out of nowhere.

He was working at home that day by himself. Wife and kids off doing their normal routine. He started to feel bad and sat down in front of his computer. Then the severe chest pain started and he knew there was an issue. He thought he should quickly give his wife a call, but as he started to lose consciousness, he realized he had time for perhaps one call. One call only. He called 911 and in his state of diminishing consciousness, was only able to give his address and the code to the front door. Then he was out.

Paramedics were on the scene in amazingly quick fashion. They had to shock him three times on the way to the hospital to keep from losing him.

It just caused me to reflect for a moment on “growing-up” in general. In many ways I never have and in many ways, I don’t want to. I know there is no “slowing down of time”, and yet, with every year that passes, time seems to go so much faster. Obviously, I know that is not true, but it certainly “appears” to be true.

As we stand today, another Christmas season is upon us. What? Where the hell did that year go? Wasn’t yesterday the 4th of July? Sure seems it.

All the memories of the Thanksgiving and Christmas family times are wonderful, yet, they sure validate the passing of the years as I consider all the family members who are no longer with us.

This week, my friends’ family was literally within minutes of losing him a few days before Thanksgiving..just a matter of minutes. Life is fragile, no?

Maybe that’s one of the reasons I so enjoy what my brother and I are doing in remembering our childhood in New York. By no means a perfect childhood, but, it was, a childhood. In those childhood years, there wasn’t much to reflect upon other than what “was coming next”. What holiday, what birthday, what new TV show that we could get addicted to. Everything was looking forward with a feeling of: “there’s plenty of time! ”

The close call with my friend reminded me that whatever time we have is a gift and I had better be doing my damned best to enjoy every minute of it and try to be of some value or help to others. So many people just need someone to care.

So, I’m very thankful this Thanksgiving. Thankful for memories, thankful for the years given ( and hopefully still ahead, lol), thankful for those that have gone on before me. I’m childish enough to believe they are in a better place.

So, I’m going make my list for Santa and send it off with high expectations…… and then after Christmas, I’ll look forward to the Easter Bunny and then Summer vacation…… and then….
Well, you get the picture….


2 thoughts on “Growing up in….

  1. Love the storys . Todays really set in, with the holidays near . Loved ones lost and family a far. Kids are growingup and in college . Some home for the Holidays it does fly ! Take time and enjoy life and family ! Thanks for the stories keep wriitng …


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