Like most people, there are certain things that simply “annoy me”.  Perhaps they are insignificant matters to most, but they are my “pet peeves”, so to speak. We all have them, and what is an annoyance to one, will be nothing to another. I guess it’s all part of our individuality and our amazing “make-up”.

What I’m sharing today has nothing to do with growing up in NewYork.  It’s simply a look at one of the many things (thus Volume 1) that drive me crazy.

So, here goes:  one of the most annoying things to me is when people want to argue, or make a point without having a clue of the facts or data.  I suppose social media has intensified my annoyance here because it is literally filled with arguments, premises, discussions that have very little to do with facts.

Now I am not speaking of opinions here.  Everyone is entitled to an opinion,  (though it would be nice if even opinions were based on some tangible evidence) and hopefully, we all welcome the opinions of others, whether we agree or not. That’s all part of free speech, which I hold pretty dearly.

No, what I am speaking of is when someone makes a statement that is presented as truth when there is little to back up that “truth”.  This can come in any and every area of discussion; history, politics, sports, entertainment, music, you name it. As I have said, you and I have every right to our opinions on various subjects, but making claims that are presented as truth, when there is no or little “back-up” drives me nuts!

I guess I would like to see informed statements rather than uninformed statements,. Let’s use History as an example; my brother and I consider ourselves pretty informed on the subject (and I would freely say that Rob is more so on particular pieces of American History.  ) There are plenty of controversial subjects that can get one into a good argument or debate when discussing American History.  Think of events such as the Civil War, Vietnam, the Kennedy Assassination just to name a very, very few.  I am sure that many have very differing views on these historical events and opinions are fine.  However, to make blanket statements without investigating the facts is foolish, to say the least.  It is probably a fair statement to say that if more of us checked out
the facts, perhaps even some of our opinions would change… or perhaps not.

Again social media has not really helped here.  I saw a “tongue in cheek” post the other day that said Snopes is opening a new division to check out claims by Snopes! Lol.  The point?  For me, say and think what you please, that’s what makes us “free”, but it drives me crazy when claims are made based on pure nothing!  Again, social media can play into this:  We see a “headline” (no matter how outrageous or questionable), and quickly add a comment based on the headline! (Which is eventually proven false).

It’s probably a good idea to check out anything before we make a harsh comment on something that could be entirely false.

So much for Volume 1, I’m starting to annoy myself!


2 thoughts on “THINGS THAT ANNOY ME…….VOL 1

  1. I so agree with this! The number of people who now appear to be experts in subjects that they’re clearly not experts in has increased exponentially with social media! I just tend to keep scrolling now whenever I see such posts…simply not worth my time and effort!


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