Sequel to Psycho: I am not brave

So, if you read my Psycho post, you may be thinking that I exaggerated by a tendency to be a bit of a “scardy cat” as a kid. Not true.

Case in point. I am just a bit older now than I was at the time the incident I wrote about took place.

Just a bit.

Anyway, the photos attached are Halloween decorations in our front yard. The shots are taken from our backyard with the gate open leading to the front yard.

Sooooooo, I am in the backyard this evening doing some yard work and the gate opens slightly. I get a glimpse of the little scarecrow type guy, and I almost jump out of my pants… I figure Chucky or some doll from the damned twilight zone has come to extract revenge.

Do I do this once? Nope twice… once during the day …… and once at night.
I rest my case.



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