The Overdue call

For a number of reasons, my brother and I very much enjoy working on the Cobblestone Dreams blog. First, we both enjoy writing, which is kinda’ important when putting together a blog. Second, we are having a lot of fun recalling the memories of growing up in New York City. One of the aspects that are especially enjoyable in that one of us will write about an incident that the other may have completely forgotten about. This has happened on a number of occasions and it has proven to be especially gratifying for whichever one of us had forgotten about the incident. A whole new series of memories come flooding in, and we find ourselves putting together pieces of our childhood that may have slipped into foggy areas of our memory. Working on Cobblestone Dreams, as well as our other site,” The Long and Short of it” has obviously required that we stay in pretty close contact with each other, which is a good thing, in that Robert lives in Pennsylvania and I live in Texas. It has been many, many years since we have actually seen each other. This joint project has helped us stay in touch as well as allowed us to enjoy shared memories, even if one or the other of us has to be reminded of the incident.

Well, just recently it occurred to us that not only has it been an eternity since we have seen each other, it has been far too long since we actually spoke to each other! I am referring to actually hearing each other’s voice. Sure, we have taken advantage of texting and email, and have done a fairly good job of “keeping in touch” via those vehicles, but why have we not spoken on the phone? Both of us were pretty clueless as to a reasonable answer. We can probably all agree that life is moving along at a very rapid pace. Time passes quickly, especially when one leads the busy, work-a-day life of the average American. Without noticing it, years have passed. Literally years. This is what dawned on both of us over the last couple of weeks. We tried to recall the last time we had actually spoken. Not text, not email, not FB, but actually spoken one on one. I don’t believe we came up with a definitive answer, but there was agreement that is could very well be as long as two years. Two years? Seriously? Two years since we have spoken? Sadly yes.

When the rude realization set in, we determined that we needed to fix this quickly, so we agreed to actually pick up our phones and talk on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

And that is exactly what we did, and it was wonderful. I love being able to send him an instantaneous text, or write him a quick email from my phone,(we have actually had some fun conversations while using the text medium) but it does not compare to the good ol’ phone call. Hearing the inflections in the voice, the honest humor in the laugh, the poignant pauses as we mutually reflect upon a meaningful memory.

We probably would have spoken far into the night if we had allowed ourselves to, but we kept it to a reasonable length. That relatively short conversation was worth more than hours of texting. Understandably, there were numerous topics we could have spoken about, but after we finished with the sincere questions about job and family status, we quickly moved to where we inevitably go: Memories.

Our blog was the obvious catalyst. We focused on Rob’s recent entry about Prospect Place in Brooklyn. The childhood home of our cousin Chris and his parents and many pets, where many joyous Christmas’ were spent. (If you haven’t, you should check out Rob’s entry about this time in our lives. It was posted only a few weeks ago.) This led to other self-reflection; When was the last time we had been in touch with our cousin? He was such an integral part of our childhood, along with our other cousins, Robin and Lorraine. We wondered if Chris had read Robs’ blog about his childhood home and quickly realized that he most likely had not because neither one of us had informed him of the blog. Robert took action and sent Chris the link, which resulted in a rapid email response from Chris;

“My best wishes and prayers for you and your family! All the best… I still remember the Thanksgivings and Christmas’ we had. Times change, but memories remain. Love Chris.”


Thus, from our one phone call, we reconnected with Chris and introduced him to our blog. Perhaps he will read the entries, many of which include him and his family and their pets. I hope so. The memories are precious. Perhaps our next step is a phone conversation with him. Again, I hope so.

As our phone conversation continued, Rob and I spoke of Lake Hopatcong and all the many memories associated with that location. Again, if you have been following us even casually, you know how many of our entries refer back to this location in New Jersey. We even spoke of a few things which one or the other of us had forgotten about, some of which I hope will be subjects of future blogs.

When we said goodnight, we promised each other that we would make this a regular happening: a real conversation. We were not foolish enough to try to “set a schedule”, but we agreed it HAD to be a regular event. We will hold each other accountable. Perhaps some of you can hold us accountable as well?

After we hung up the phone, we each, without the other knowing it, mixed ourselves a drink. We offered each other a “Salud” via text.

It was a good night. I believe my eyes were a bit moist.




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