Don’s Blog Post

Beginnings and Endings

First Recollection

Hand in the Face

The Hall

PS 41

Thursday Night

The Games : Shorty

Religious Instruction…AKA Released Time

The Jane Street Gang

The Public Library

“Little Italy”..The Feast of St. Anthony

The Movies-Part 1

Catholic School

Times Square

The Garden

The Hayden Planetarium

The World Trade Center, New York

La Famiglia

Autumn in New York

The Diner

Cardinal Hayes HS

Washington Square Park


1969: Dream Year For NY Sports Fans

St Patrick’s Cathedral

The TV Show: The Man From U.N.C.L.E


Oh, What a Day,Late November back in 63…

Putting Up The Tree

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

Christmas Eve

New Years Eve

End of the Holidays


Street Game: Stick Ball

The Games: Table Top Basket Ball

The British Invasion

Sharing a Room

Altar Boys

Easter Parade

Now It’s Your Turn!

Street Slang

School’s Out For Summer

Hopatcong Nights 2


Leaving for Hopatcong

The Fireworks


The Swamp

Sauce or Gravy?